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Know About Us

At GururKripa Financial Services, We are provide all services related to finance like all kind of insurance, wealth management solutions and credit related services. Over the years we have developed the expertise not just in serving the consumers but we have developed network of our own partners who work with us seamlessly to achieve next level efficiency and customer support.

Our customized approach, coupled with deep insight into the dynamics of companies and their respective markets, are delivered after working in close collaboration with all levels of the client’s organization. Our reliable & extremely experienced team deals with best of the industry who are constantly striving to provide our customers and partners with the best financial solutions. Our endeavor every day, is to eliminate the hassles in these processes, for our clients.

We have always sought to be a value-driven organization – extreme efficiency & customer satisfaction forms the primary grounds of our commitments.

Our goal is to enhance value for our clients in a sustainable and comprehensive manner by becoming a total Financial Solutions Provider and enabling clients to preserve & multiply their wealth on a continuous basis. Our team is lead by Yoggesh Karnavat who is management graduate and have industry exposure of more than a decade. With him Jagadish Kumar and Sanjay Prajapat also equal play a vital role in servicing clients and business partners.